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Was Shinzo Abe Was Behind The Tokyo Subway Gas Attack?

Strange conspiracy theory

Some believe that the 1995 sarin attack on the Tokyo subway by the cult Aum Shinrikyo was, in fact, orchestrated by the militarist wing of the Liberal Democratic Party, with Shinzo Abe as a key figure. The attack was the culmination of three generations of militarist plotting, dating back to the chemical weapons research of Unit 731 overseen by Abe’s grandfather, Nobusuke Kishi.

Other members of the conspiracy included far-right firebrand and former Tokyo mayor Shintaro Ishihara, Liberal Democratic Party espionage chief Toshio Yamaguchi, and influential diplomat and politician Shintaro Abe. The conspiracy was also allied with brainwashed ex-Soviet spies and military scientists, the Unification Church, and North Korea. Aum Shinrikyo was created by Japanese intelligence out of elements of other esoteric religions to serve as a front for the Japanese government to pursue advanced weapons technology on a deniable basis.

Abe is said to have been the mentor for Aum Shinrikyo “science minister” Hideo Murai, who was killed by a Korean yakuza assassin before he could reveal the truth behind the attacks. The subway attacks were a cover for an attempted militarist coup. The goal was to wipe out the pacifists, seize the reins of power, re-militarize Japan, attack China with a combination of chemical weapons and a Japan-Taiwan-Mongolia strike force wearing PLA uniforms, and finally destroy the United States in an apocalyptic war involving nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, as well as earthquake machines.

The end goal was Japanese theocratic world domination. Apparently, this whole plan failed because of media exposes and the National Police Chief’s survival of an assassination attempt. Despite the failure, however, the conspiracy is also linked to the Fukushima catastrophe, said to be the result of earthquake machines, nuclear weapons research, or both. Are you confused yet?