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MH370 Conspiracy – Malaysian plane landed at Diego Garcia

MH370 landed at a U.S. military installation. The continuing lack of firm evidence about the fate of the missing Malaysian Airways jetliner has conspiracy theorists wagging their tongues. Speculation ranges from alien abduction to the airplane entering into a lost dimension. This speculation has been, in part, spurred by the inexplicable sequence of flight events leading to the plane’s disappearance and the nonstop coverage of the story by the news networks, particularly CNN, whose anchors even began to entertain wild theories on the air while there was little news to report.

missing MH370

Mh370 Diego Garcia

Ironically, CNN conducted a poll months after MH370 disappeared from radar in March. It found that some 10% of Americans believe that “space aliens, time travelers or beings from another dimension” played a part in the airliner’s disappearance. Moreover, 21% of poll respondents believe that at least some of the people on the flight survived and they may have landed or crash-landed in some remote area.

One of the more popular theories is that the plane landed on Diego Garcia, a small British atoll in the Indian Ocean where the U.S. operates several strategic military facilities. Conspiracy theorists have long contended that the site has been used by the CIA for “black ops” missions, including the detainment, interrogation and torture of terrorists and political enemies.

Many people continue to insist that MH370 was diverted to Diego Garcia because some “high-value” targets were on the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Some believe the plane was diverted to keep 20 employees of Freescale Semiconductor from arriving in Beijing, because they held U.S. intelligence secrets the CIA feared would fall into the hands of the Chinese government. Other versions of the conspiracy theory say that the Freescale employees had been working on a drone smaller than a housefly that could used in biochemical warfare.

Conspiracy theorists, however, cannot seem to agree on the ultimate fate of the plane’s crew and passengers. Some speculate they have all become permanent detainees on the island, while others claim that only the high-value targets on the plane were spared and could even be secretly working on U.S. defense projects from Diego Garcia.

To further solidify their Diego Garcia theory, conspiracy theorists quickly acknowledged a claim found on the Internet that an American passenger, Philip Wood, sent GPS coordinates and an image over a cellphone text message, proving the plane had landed on the atoll. Not long after the Philip Wood theory was introduced it was quickly debunked by numerous tech-savvy Internet users who now believe the origin of the text was likely some tomfoolery by users of 4Chan, an Internet subculture site.