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Julius Caesar Committed Suicide!

Although we know that Julius Caesar was assassinated in the senate by those who feared he would become a dictator, there are some people who believe that Caesar passively allowed the assassination to take place. In a 2003 article for The Sunday Times Magazine, historian Richard Girling supported that theory. He suggested that Caesar was suffering from depression because he had terrible seizures caused by temporal lobe epilepsy.

In the article, Girling explained his logic:[Caesar] is the most glorious personage on Earth, able freely to help himself to anything he fancies, from a peeled grape to an entire country. Who in his right mind would put an end to such a life? In searching for the answer, we need to consider both Caesar’s age (at age 56, he is, by contemporary standards, an old man) and his state of health. Ancient texts make it clear that Caesar is by now suffering grievously from epilepsy.

If true, this would help to explain certain irrational actions Caesar took near the end of his life as well as reports of his fainting fits and diarrhea.Some believe that Caesar had already heard rumors of an assassination attempt, so he decided to accept his fate.

He had named his grand-nephew Augustus as his successor in a new will and had dismissed his Praetorian Guard on the day of his assassination, leaving himself undefended.By allowing the senators to kill him, Caesar would have avoided a long, agonizing, and humiliating decline while securing his place in history as a martyr and victim of great betrayal.