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Is Angela Merkel Hitler’s Daughter?

Crazy idea!

This loopy conspiracy theory doesn’t let chronological logistics get in the way of a good story. While Merkel being born nine years after Hitler committed suicide in his bunker should have ruled this theory out before it got off the ground, the claim is that Stasi files held by the Russians have revealed Nazi scientist and war criminal Dr. Karl Clauberg used Hitler’s frozen sperm to conceive Merkel through artificial insemination. The theorists claim that Merkel was born July 20, 1954, giving her the same birthday as Adolf Hitler. In reality, Merkel was born on the July 17, but the theory goes that her birthday was adjusted three days to obscure her real birth date.

After she was born, the US, Russia, and the Vatican agreed that the Catholic Church would protect Merkel and set her up with fake parents as a cover story. The theory goes further into the realms of madness and claims that Hitler, and by extension Merkel, were actually descended from the Rothschilds. Merkel’s rise to power was also linked with the election of ex–Nazi Youth member Pope Benedict, as well as the centennial of the publication of Darwin’s Origin of the Species, which was relevant somehow.

Debunking websites have traced the origins of the theory to a 2007 post by known hoaxer Sorcha Faal, which has since been adopted by other conspiracy theorists.