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Elvis Presley faked his own death!

Did Elvis Presley fake his own death?

What can we say? A persistent belief is that “the King” did not die in 1977. Many fans persist in claiming he is still alive, that he went into hiding for various reasons. This claim is allegedly backed up by thousands of so-called sightings. The main reason given in support of the belief that Presley faked his death is that, on his grave, his middle name Aron is spelt as Aaron.

But “Aaron” is actually the genuine middle name for Presley. Apparently, either Presley or his parents tried to change the name to “Aron” to make it more similar to Presley’s stillborn twin, Jesse Garon Presley. Two tabloid newspapers ran articles covering the continuing “life” of Presley after his death, in great detail, including a broken leg from a motorcycle accident, all the way up to his purported “real death” in the mid 1990s.


This photo has caused a great deal of controversy is the “pool house door” photo taken in 1978 not long after Elvis’s supposed passing at Graceland. Many believe that this photo, taken by a mourner at Graceland, shows Elvis sitting in his pool house watching mourners walk through Graceland. I have to admit, it does look like him. This photo has been debated for years and there seems to be no real resolution as to who exactly this photograph depicts.