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Amanda Knox’s Alibi In Doubt Following New Evidence From Ex-Boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito

The ex-boyfriend of Amanda Knox has said that he was not with the American for the entire evening of Meredith Kercher’s murder.

Raffaele Sollecito and 26-year-old Knox were convicted of the murder of Kercher in Italy in 2007, before being acquitted following an appeal.

The verdict was subsequently reinstated and in a press conference today ahead of his appeal, Sollecito said that he was unable to say where Knox had been during the early part of the that evening in Perugia.

It’s understood that the move aims to distance Sollecito from Knox, with the 30-year-old saying that he did not “want to pay for someone else’s peculiar behaviour”.

“I am not the guarantor of Amanda Knox, I am Raffaele Sollecito,” he added.

The Italian’s lawyers said that when he had previously described being with Knox that day he “always meant he spent the night with Amanda”, explaining that “for the entire first part of the evening, they were not together. It’s this first part of the evening that’s new [to his defence]”.

Knox is currently living in Seattle and has refused to return voluntarily to Italy, where she would face jail.image

“I’m not willingly going back, no. It would feel like a train wreck. There’s not a lot I can do after this appeal. They would order my arrest and the Italian government would approach the American government and say, ‘Extradite her’,” she told Newsnight in February.

“And I don’t know what would happen. I’m still counting on an acquittal. I’ll technically be considered a fugitive. I don’t know what I will do though. I’m definitely not going back willingly. They’ll have to catch me and pull me back, kicking and screaming into a prison I don’t deserve to be in.”

Drug dealer Rudy Guede was previously convicted of the 21-year-old murder and is currently serving a 16-year prison sentence.