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9/11 Conspiracy Theory is true claims collective evolution!

The website collective evolution makes the bold claim that 9/11 conspiracy theories are turning out to be true:

The tragedy that unfolded on September 11th, 2001 was horrific. To this day and despite the fact that many of the victim’s families themselves question the events of that day, many still consider anyone suspicious of 9/11 to be a conspiracy theorist. It’s important to mention that the mainstream media has played a large part in pushing this idea, that anybody who questions what happened on that day is “nuts.”

According to the latest polls, more than 150 million people (in America alone) do not believe the official explanation given to them by their government when it comes to 9/11, and the same amount actually suspect a controlled demolition of World Trade Centre building 7. Think about that for a moment…(a simple google search will show you a number of polls that have taken place over the years)

A quick Google search of polls regarding 9/11 will paint a clear picture for you. People are not stupid, why is it that so many people think this way? It’s because all of the evidence that’s surfaced over the years that paint a pretty clear picture.

There is a tremendous amount of evidence to support all of these claims, and others, like the fact that the supposed “Al-Qaeda” terrorist group was in fact a creation of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). And yet, many people have a hard time hearing about, let alone thinking about these realities.

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